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Agile PMO Explained

We believe Agile PMO is the ‘consciousness’ of an organisation.


The Agile PMO function is a strategic business partner to your organisation and its team members, assists your change and transformation initiatives, influences the behaviour of your people and warrants the delivery of your strategy with more certainty in the outcome.

The Agile PMO function underpins an organisation’s transformation by ensuring all business changes are managed in a consistent and controlled manner. PMOs can offer a range of services depending on the maturity of the function and the requirement of the organisation.


Agile Methodology: The common services that a Agile PMO provides on a day-to-day basis include:



Act as the central point of contact, provide relevant and accurate information to the right people to enable efficient decision-making. Engage and work closely with all stakeholders to achieve the programme’s objectives, accommodating the business in realtime.


Establish and maintain programme and project plans. Warrant the accuracy and integrity of the plans and measurement metrics. Maintain oversight for programme delivery, manage programme milestones and dependencies, and report on progress against plan to management team during the project lifecycle.


Set up effective self-organizing, an adaptive programme governance and reporting structure, clarify roles and accountability, embed best practice and establish consistency and transparency in project governance and reporting. Ensured project adherence to governance standards and requirements.


Orchestrate and implement change control across the programme, define change control process, categorise and manage change requests and monitor them to be assessed the prioritised as appropriate. From sprint planning to project management tools and framework, we can advise on solutions.


Consolidate delivery risks and mitigation plans to warrant smooth delivery of programme, planning meetings and continuous improvements by assisting the RAIDs meeting to communicate and address programme-level risks and issues, ensure critical.


Manage and allocate programme resources for product development based on timeline, costs, availability and what-if analysis. Work with stakeholders to reconcile resource conflicts, resolve resources over/under-all locations to optimise resource utilisation, define roles across a team for functionality within.


Manage programme’s financial activities, templates and tasks/roles, including budget submission, monthly actual and re-forecast reporting, and benefit realisation updates with agile project management methodology for the project team.


Facilitates knowledge sharing, archive project documents into a repository, record best practices and collate lessons learned to support delivery of the programmes in the future.


With each development cycle, the aim is to establish quality assurance, project management framework and ensure programme deliverables are correct and fit for purpose. Understand assurance requirement and warrant programme compliance with minimum disruption to delivery.

Why Agile PMO?

Agile PMO is not merely about standards and methodologies, it acts as the backbone of an organisation, providing direction, support, control, quality assurance and audit to its programmes.

Achieve economies of scale and efficiency by standardisation
Align projects and programmes delivery with organisational strategy
Improve stakeholder communication and obtain senior management buy-in
Deliver programmes on-time, within budget and according to scope
Establish common grounds for management of programme risks, changes and resources
Capitalise on organisational knowledge and incorporate into future operation

How We Can Help Build Agile Teams


We offer a wide range of agile PMO consulting services and resource solutions to help our clients to build their internal capability and deliver their business transformation via an iterative approach. An iterative strategy is the cornerstone of Agile practices such as daily Scrum Training. The following are the typical areas we have helped our clients:


Our PMO consulting services help the client to create and sustain a value-driven PMO and optimise its performance. We help to address the challenges in programme planning, governance, processes, forecasting, and other business demands to ensure successful programme delivery


From sprint review to product development, we help our clients to analyse their resource requirement and structure their PMO. Our agile frameworks assist them to source the most suitable professionals, and reduce the cost and risk in deploying, operating, and improving their PMO services.


Our PMO experts are experienced in and passionate about developing the client’s knowledge and skills in effective project management. We help the clients to train their teams, embed learning in practice, and enhance the teams’ overall performance.

The Right PMO For You


In a fast paced industry of change, our clients often found themselves overwhelmed with different types of PMO. We believe in only one type of PMO development process – the one that suits you.

This can be a temporary team that are summoned to support a programme, lean project management or an established organisation department to deliver strategic initiatives, depending on your needs.

From new staff to product owners, we team up with you to define, design and deliver the PMO solution that best address your workflow challenges and deliver most value with cost efficiency to the overall amount of work.

Speak to us today to find the right agile project management methodology and PMO solution for you.

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